What we're reading, week of 12/8

by VPNHaus | 12/08/2008 |Highlights

From DevCentral...
Security is not a luxury item
Lori MacVittie writes about the mistakes some corporations might be tempted to make when evaluating security budgets in a tough economic time. "In times when budgets are tight, the trick is not only to determine what's necessary, but also to squeeze the most functionality out of every investment."

From ITSecurity...
Don’t Overlook Cheap Security Devices
File this one in the "back down to earth" column - ITSecurity reminds us that common sense security is still key. Invest in a paper shredder. It's always important to remember that the most advanced technology and strategic thinking won't save you if you've failed to cover the basics.

From Schneier on Security...
Prisoner Escapes by Mailing Himself Out of Jail

Bruce Schneier points us to this week's most eyebrow-raising security story. The moral of the story this week? Take some time to consider what may have been overlooked!

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