'Tis the season to shop safely

by VPNHaus | 12/03/2008 |PCI, Posts

With the holiday season upon us and "Cyber Monday" specials causing all the officemates to reach for their credit cards, we've been seeing a lot of coverage offering tips and best practices for preventing the security risks posed by online shopping both at home and at work.

Rich Mogull at Securosis offers his Annual Black Friday/Safe Shopping Post, which includes six tips for safe online shopping. Though the principles are fairly basic (don't use your debit card online, never click on email links, update your browser and antivirus/firewall software), Rich has some specific suggestions that were new to us - for instance, many credit card companies will issue temporary credit card numbers designated for a short time period or single transaction, that cannot be used again. He also points us to NoScript for Firefox as a plugin that can block any scripts running on online retail sites.

Any other (perhaps more obscure) technical advice you'd offer the wary online shopper? Please post any ideas in the comments.

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