The Good and Bad in 64-Bit Vista

by VPNHaus | 12/10/2008 |64-Bit, Posts

We've written before about the trouble with VPN support for Vista x64. This week in PC Magazine (syndicated to ExtremeTech), Michael Miller discusses again the surprises users may encounter when using Vista x64 to connect to a Cisco VPN:

And finally, I come to the program that has caused me the most trouble: the Cisco VPN client. The traditional client, which uses the IPSEC protocol to connect with a corporate server, does not support 64-bit; and currently Cisco has no announced plans to do a version that supports it. Instead, the company suggests switching to its AnyConnect VPN software, but that requires an SSL connection - a major change to a company's security infrastructure that is far more complex than buying a new PC. I'm annoyed and disappointed at Cisco's decision here.

Any readers dealing with this issue in either the corporate or personal sphere? We're interested in hearing if you've negotiated the switch to AnyConnect, refrained from using Vista x64 in your environment, or come up with another way to meet the needs of users working on an OS that is incompatible with the company's security infrastructure. Please leave a comment with any feedback!

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