• The Secret to Effective Remote Access VPN Management

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    Phishing on behalf of the coronavirus

    That's all we needed: As if the effects of coronavirus on everyday life are not bad enough, cybercriminals are now using the virus as bait in various phishing campaigns. Numerous security companies...

    Cybersecurity Strategy

    Working (or not) in times of COVID-19

    Previously, permission to work from the home office was a high measure of trust and representative of new work attitude, today it has become a preventative measure just like regular hand washing....

    2 Factor Authentication · Data Security · Endpoint Management

    The long but right way to two-factor authentication

    It is 2020 and accounts which contain valuable and private data can still be created without two-factor authentication. However, it might be some consolation that this is happening less and less. And...

    Cloud · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Internet of Things

    Trends for the year ahead

    Another year has passed, and we are already looking forward to 12 months of fresh inspiration for companies and users, and new and exciting trends in information security. Last year, various...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · Internet of Things

    Smart Cities Need Smart Security

    Through the implementation of smart technology, cities around the world are benefiting from increased efficiency, automation, connectivity, smart transportation, and a more sustainable...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

    Office 365 - The enemy in my inbox

    Just as things don’t always go to plan in practice this is also true of information security. Although the security world are discussing defense strategies involving microsegmentation and artificial...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · HIPAA

    Best Practices for Securing Healthcare Data

    The escalation of ransomware and trojan malware combined with the lack of endpoint security caused the healthcare sector to suffer from massive data breaches in 2019. As healthcare organizations rely...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption · Endpoint Management

    The Worst Data Breaches of 2019

    Another day, another data breach. With more than five thousand data breaches and over seven billion records exposed, 2019 was the worst year on record for breach activity. According to research from...

    Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Encryption

    Online Shopping this Holiday Season? Here's How to Stay Protected

    With the holiday season in full swing, retailers and e-commerce stores are once again competing with the lowest prices and best bargain deals to draw in new customers and increase sales. Nearly 190...

    Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · Endpoint Management

    Apple macOS Catalina: Plenty of new features and a spotlight on security

    The current major release of macOS, Catalina was announced recently. As ever with Apple, the list of changes is very long and ranges from using an iPad as a second screen (SideKick) to the...

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