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By now, you’ve likely heard about the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. At its simplest, this bug allows cyber criminals to exploit a flaw in technology that encrypts sensitive information, making all types of communications sent over an “HTTPS” connection, including emails and online credit card payments, as easy for them to read as this sentence. […]

Is it possible that IT administrators are actually doing too much to secure their corporate networks? Given the rate at which the enterprise security landscape changes, it almost seems like a rhetorical question at first. However, there’s growing concern that all of the remote access policies and procedures in place are doing more harm than […]

With many documents critical to matters of national security being accessed on a daily basis, government agencies must ensure that all users trying to establish connections of any type to their networks are who they say they are, that they are authorized to access locations that they are connecting to and that all communications are […]

Five BYOD Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Posted: 25th June 2013 by VPN Haus in Industry Commentary, VPN
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Staying abreast of mobile trends and developments is one of the most important parts of being a remote access VPN solution provider. As our devoted followers know, we’ve regularly followed and offered commentary on the most talked about trends in the security world, especially BYOD. In a recent CIO article, Tom Kaneshige highlights five major […]

Initially created as a response to the difficulty of implementing earlier versions of IPsec VPNs, SSL VPNs have become increasingly common over the past few years. Because they were built to be easier to implement, they were thought of as easier to manage than IPsec, which led to their growing popularity. However, IPsec offers many […]