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*Editor’s Note: This post is syndicated from the Interop Blog.You can see the original post by clicking here.  By Rainer Enders, CTO at NCP engineering At Interop 2012, I’ll be hosting a session, “Less is More: Why SSL VPN is NOT What You Think It Is” that explores the inherent flaws of SSL VPN. The […]

Since posting our series on SSL myths, some people have asked how these SSL vulnerabilities apply to mobile phones. While mobile phones and other handheld devices are mistakenly considered relatively safe, this misnomer does not qualify as an SSL myth. It does, however, require addressing, as the consumerization of IT forces CIOs and network security […]

Considering Skype’s Use of SSL

Posted: 5th January 2012 by VPN Haus in Industry Commentary, Mobile, SSL
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We all know that employees’ use of Skype  whether for personal or business use is exploding. The service reported  an average of 145 million connected users per month in the fourth quarter of 2010, before the Facebook rollout of Skype-powered group video chat service to 750 million users worldwide by August  2011, or the […]

For the final myth in our series isn’t just about SSL – it’s about security. The prevailing attitude at organizations – no matter the size – is that the responsibility for security falls in the court of someone with a job title related to security, like application security specialist, cyber security guru or chief security […]

Today’s myth is about the security of thick-client SSL VPNs. Some believe that thick-client SSL VPNs are more secure than thin-client ones, but this is actually untrue. Thick client is defined as an application client that processes data in addition to rendering. An example of a thick client application can be a Visual Basic, JAVA […]