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This is the third and final entry in our Q&A series on questions related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Last week, we addressed how provisioning can benefit an organizations’ overall security postures as well as the de-provisioning tactics necessary to mitigate security risks during employee transitions.  Question: Certain scenarios, such as short-term business partnerships, will require adaptable provisioning. How […]

This is part two in a series of questions related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Earlier this week, we addressed how enterprises can ensure that their provisioning processes benefit their overall security postures.  Question: Provisioning’s security holes become particularly apparent when remote mobile access users leave a company and enterprises try to apply a one-size-fits-all […]

Today’s post kicks off a Q&A series with Joerg Hirschmann, CTO at NCP engineering GmbH. These questions and answers, which we will post over the next few weeks, are related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Question: While user provisioning can enable efficient employee on-boarding, poor provisioning can result in expensive and irrevocable data leaks. How can enterprises […]

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – disgruntled, former employees pose a major risk to your network. If you’ve been following the headlines this week, you know why we’re bringing this up again. A former IT employee at Gucci was charged with remotely taking over the haute-couture company’s computers, shutting down servers, […]

This week, we feature the final post in our series with Shahid Shah, an enterprise software analyst that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy modernization.  He is also founder of the popular Healthcare IT Guy blog. VPN Haus: When we last spoke, you said mobile phones will […]