Is Mobile Security Broken?

The way we work has changed. Our laptops, tablets and smartphones let us do our job from wherever we want – at the office, at home or even while on-the-move. We can also freely chat and collaborate with colleagues, customers or suppliers one-to-one or in groups using an array of cloud-based productivity apps. When it comes to mobile, the conventional security model is broken. Traditional detection and software patching techniques simply cannot keep pace. In its place, arguably one of the most reliable ways to keep sensitive proprietary data safe is mobile VPN.

Mobile payments and security — money walks, money talks

Once upon a time a mobile phone was something we used for talking. Today making a call ranks sixth on the list of most common uses for a mobile phone. Now there’s a new kid on the block that, in time, will push making a call even lower down the list. Mobile payment, or m-payment, is taking off. Early adopters like Starbucks already attribute significant revenue gains to their investment in mobile. Although overall mobile payments adoption and usage rates are still a fraction of standard credit/debit card transactions industry watchers expect this to change very quickly.

Seamless Roaming or Always On: The Remote Access VPN Feature Digital Nomads May Be Missing

In remote working environments, the Digital Nomad isn’t tied to a desk or cubicle, but he has close relationships with his coworkers. The Digital Nomad works exclusively from mobile devices that connect wirelessly to the Internet, and she’s still able to finish all her tasks on time. For now, these workers are generally the exception to the rule, but that may not be the case for much longer. One-third of business leaders anticipate that by 2020, more than half of their full-time workforce will be working remotely. It’s not difficult to see why remote work is so popular. Today, Digital Nomads can be more nomadic than ever, setting up new mobile “offices” wherever there’s a network connection. They don’t even need a hard surface to put their device on or an outlet to plug into. But, what they do need for security purposes is a remote access VPN to enable a secure connection back to the corporate network. VPNs are reliable, but the problem is, network interruptions have long seemed inevitable. They get in the way and disrupt the user’s computing session. That’s when a VPN feature known as seamless roaming or always on comes into play, allowing a user to move between different networks without losing the connection. The Value of Seamless Roaming Whether you’re a finance executive fighting dead zones as you work on your laptop from a train, or a sales professional working from an airport across a spotty Wi-Fi connection, each time there’s a network disruption, the user has to manually restart the VPN connection to continue working. This is why seamless roaming is no...

NCP engineering Earns ‘Champion’ Rating in techconsult Report

This year, cyberattacks are expected to rain down at a rate of more than 117,000 per day, adding up to more than 42.8 million total incidents. As these attacks are launched and subsequently investigated, the root cause of many of them will turn out to be the result of employee action – basic human error – such as accidentally violating a remote access policy. With these figures in mind, the new report “Security Solution Vendors 2015,” conducted by German analyst firm techconsult, analyzes the entire network, data, storage and endpoint security landscape, while identifying top providers and solutions that are on the front lines protecting businesses from these 42.8 million attacks. The report bodes well for NCP engineering and our remote access VPN solutions. Techconsult found that NCP “dominates” the network security space, while highlighting how NCP’s Secure Enterprise Solution “win…clearly against the competition” from other VPN solution providers. This assessment is reflected by NCP’s presence in the “Champion” quadrant, comprising all security solution vendors, based on evaluations from the market and users, as well as experts. NCP also earns a “Champion” rating when only network security vendors – those with VPN, external firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions – are assessed. NCP is the top solution provider in this quadrant, and we stand out for our 100 percent user satisfaction rating. In the Virtual Private Network quadrant, NCP again earns top marks and a “Champion” rating, with the report noting, “NCP has been able to set itself above the rest with the experts’ evaluations based on its excellent solution assessment as well as its company-specific framework conditions.”...