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As convenient as it would be for businesses to have all their IT service providers working on-site, just down the hall, that’s not always possible. That’s why secure remote access is a component frequently found in the digital toolboxes of service providers that offer maintenance, troubleshooting and support from locations other than where the product […]

IPv6: Looking Back on Year One

Posted: 19th June 2013 by VPN Haus in IPv6
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It was only one year ago that the world welcomed the launch of IPv6, the long-anticipated solution to the problem of the world running out of IP addresses. In its first year, IPv6 has started to take root. Take a look at Google’s IPv6 adoption chart, for example, and you will notice that the growth […]

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s  Question: How do I protect my mobile devices from intrusions via the network? How much can I rely on my service provider to defend me from mobile hacking? Rainer Enders, VPN Expert and CTO, Americas, at NCP engineering:  In general, service providers of mobile networks do a good […]

By Bernd Reder As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the methods by which users access critical business tools must evolve in kind. In the past, the desktop environment and all of the resources it hosted were only accessible if an individual was sitting right in front of his or her computer. But now, with the […]

Rainer Enders, CTO, Americas at NCP engineering, recently conducted an Execsense webinar around what CIOs and CTOs need to know about mobile device security. Rainer explains how the replacement of static access networks with mobile access networks has led to a paradigm shift in overall network security. Because mobile device protection complements infrastructure protection, enterprises must […]