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*Editor’s Note: This is Part One of an article that originally appeared in The Data Center Journal’s  Industry Perspective Column By: Rainer Enders, VPN Expert and CTO, Americas, at NCP engineering: Industry Perspective: What are some of the main security concerns for data center managers today? Rainer Enders: The evolution of modern data centers, while beneficial for […]

This is the third and final entry in our Q&A series on questions related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Last week, we addressed how provisioning can benefit an organizations’ overall security postures as well as the de-provisioning tactics necessary to mitigate security risks during employee transitions.  Question: Certain scenarios, such as short-term business partnerships, will require adaptable provisioning. How […]

This is part two in a series of questions related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Earlier this week, we addressed how enterprises can ensure that their provisioning processes benefit their overall security postures.  Question: Provisioning’s security holes become particularly apparent when remote mobile access users leave a company and enterprises try to apply a one-size-fits-all […]

Today’s post kicks off a Q&A series with Joerg Hirschmann, CTO at NCP engineering GmbH. These questions and answers, which we will post over the next few weeks, are related to employee provisioning and VPNs. Question: While user provisioning can enable efficient employee on-boarding, poor provisioning can result in expensive and irrevocable data leaks. How can enterprises […]

We continue to join Joe the CIO on his hunt for ways to save his company both time and money in enabling remote access. In particular, Joe is concerned about costly rip and repair projects his company would have to undergo in order to efficiently provision and configure each VPN client needed — not to mention […]