Windows 7

By VPN Haus

NCP engineering made available a universal IPsec VPN client for Windows 7. NCP’s client provides far greater flexibility than Windows 7’s built-in IPsec client (DirectAccess) by providing:

  • An easily manageable GUI
  • Compatibility with third-party gateways (not just IKEv2’s)
  • Not reliant on Windows 2008 R2 server
  • Integrated dialer and personal firewall
  • 32/64-bit support
  • IPv4 through IPv6 support
  • … and a lot more

The client is free to use for 30 days, full technical support provided and can be downloaded here:

NCP Secure Entry Client Data Sheet

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  2. pär says:

    I installed the new beta version a couple of weeks ago and just couldn’t get it to work.
    At the first installation it wouldn’t import the profile.

    After first reinstallation it made the connection just fine but it wasn’t able to receive any data.
    After a lot of fixing with firewall etc. I finally tried to reinstall the client once again and voila it finally worked without any fix in firewall and so on.
    But! If I turn on the automatic connection mode under Profile management->Line settings it still causes the same problem. Does anyone know anything about this?

    I have been testing it both on wired, wireless and mobile connections and it seems to work on any of those despite when you are connected on a mobile connection and if it for some reason looses contact it doesn’t get back online again (manual connection mode?).

    The connection we are using is a Watchguard with WGX imported profile.
    But anyway, in the big picture it is really nice to have a clientworking in Win 7!


  3. techwoo says:

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