Two-Factor Authentication

By VPN Haus

Secure remote access on an enterprise scale often means supporting two-factor authentication (2F), meaning identifying both the device and the person. With NCP engineering’s VPN client, enterprises can maintain any combination for 2F they want – OTPs (one-time passwords), biometrics, PKI certificates, etc.  Specifically, the NCP Secure Enterprise Client integrates fully with:

  • Any hardware OTP such as RSA SecurID, Vasco Digipass, Aladdin Safeword, OTP Mobile by T-Systems and T-Mobile
  • Most Software OTPs on the market
  • All major biometric devices that use the PKCS #11 standard
  • Every PKI-based certificate, including multiple certificate / trust center support with a single client

We’ll keep this list updated as more are added. Let us know if you would like to see other devices / software integration (you never know, NCP just might do it!).

  1. Sven says:


    We use a 2F authentication with onetime password as the second. It’s distributed with sms. I can´t get the vpn client to prompt for that password, it disconnect after I enters my loggin. I´ve imported the cisco vpn profile (*.pcf), but I don’t know how it must be altered to comply with Shrew vpn. Do you have any suggestion or even better solution?


  2. TrustAlert says:

    TrustAlert offers a solution where the user’s computer device components are taken into account as the 2nd or 3rd factor, next to the user’s regular authentication method.

    Does NCP support user hardware authentication

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