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Recently, there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding an article on the “false dichotomy between work and luxury.” The author’s argument, that deferred living is negatively impacting happiness and quality of life for millions of people, and that embracing remote working policies could be the answer, is intriguing. What exactly is meant by “deferred living?” […]

Each year, as millions of Americans are busy surfing the web to find the best Cyber Monday deals, hackers are preparing to take advantage of enterprises when their network security is at its weakest point. It is crucial, then, for enterprises to secure their networks during this time of year, because breaches can be incredibly […]

At NCP, we’re committed to helping organizations overcome the complexities of managing, maintaining and securing remote access, no matter how simple or complex their remote access environments are. And while positive feedback from customers is always a good thing, it’s equally rewarding to be recognized by industry-leading associations and magazines, as was recently the case […]

Enterprises know they’ll have happier employees if they embrace BYOD rather than prohibit it. Welcoming BYOD can be better for business output, too—the trick is to find the tools that keep employees productive when they’re using their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to access the corporate network remotely. In his recent reviews of NCP’s managed […]

As indicated by your feedback in several of our polls, and as highlighted at Interop New York, more and more users are opting to access their company network via various devices. Of all the devices involved in the BYOD movement, Apple iOS products are some of the most popular. In response to this demand, the […]