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In part one of this two-part series, we explored the problem that many IPsec users face when trying to connect to their corporate network from the road, especially hotels. This being, some hotels block IPsec ports because of the misconception that SSL is universally employed. So what’s the solution? Firstly, for security reasons, users should not deactivate […]

*Editor’s Note: These columns originally appeared in TechTarget’s By Rainer Enders, CTO of Americas for NCP engineering The simplest way to do this is to act like a hacker. Snoop around the network traffic, either on the device itself or a port on the network. In the case of IPsec, for example, you would see encapsulating […]

By Chuck Romano If you do any kind of tech work today, then you must be very familiar with doing help desk support or administration using remote access.  Your scenario could be administering 100s of PCs on a corporate network, spread across different geographical locations, or it can be providing help desk support to a […]

As more and more companies are enabling remote access for their workforce, stability and compatibility are becoming as crucial as security in ensuring employee productivity. This trend is highlighted by recent news that both Certona and 3marketeers have rolled out NCP engineering’s Secure Client-Juniper Edition IPsec VPN to solve, not only security, but also stability […]

By Jeff Orloff It was the day before the state’s standardized testing day, and I received a call from the assistant principal. At the school district where I was working, standardized testing is done mostly online, so it was certainly bad news when the assistant principal told me that half of the computers in the […]