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Virtual Private Networks as a Service (VPNaaS), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Cloud Remote Access are different solutions addressing the same market requirement – the ability for remote employees to securely access corporate networks via the Internet with a managed solution.  Many enterprises have realized the benefits of using cloud services in other areas […]

A new worm that targets embedded devices started to spread during the holiday season. The Zollard worm, which targets various devices running on Linux, has brought to light the numerous security vulnerabilities Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints pose for corporate networks. Researchers at Symantec discovered the worm just before Thanksgiving and said “it appears to be […]

By Bernd Reder Let’s revisit Tuesday’s post on cloud computing and VPNs, diving deeper into how organizations can ensure their employees are using the cloud securely. The answer is, via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This applies to any cloud computing environment – be it public, private or the popular hybrid cloud models. The VPN solution […]

By Bernd Reder One of the key advantages of cloud computing is higher scalability, enabling organizations to adapt IT resources on demand, resulting in lower overall IT costs. The cloud has also afforded small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) easier access to technology that allows for seamless scaling, enabling organizations of all sizes to benefit from […]