Open Haus: Friendly Net Detection

Open Haus Friendly Net Detection

The prevalence of remote work has climbed steadily over the last decade thanks to advances in technology and attitudes towards the practice. According to Global Workplace Analytics, teleworking has increased about 80 percent between 2005 and 2012. Still, only a few million Americans consider their home, or somewhere other than an office, to be their primary place of work.

What’s holding remote work back?

A lot of it is cultural, as well as logistical, but there are also lingering security concerns. Despite the convenience of the practice, accessing the corporate network remotely doesn’t carry with it quite the same guarantee that a user’s end-to-end connection to the network is entirely secure.

That’s why NCP engineering’s Remote Access VPN solution is equipped with Friendly Net Detection (FND), a technology that automatically recognizes safe, friendly networks or unsafe, unfriendly networks, no matter where the user may be, thereby protecting end devices against Internet attacks via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and LAN.

How it Works

FND is a component of all NCP Secure VPN Clients, and since the FND server is installed independent of the VPN gateway, it’s therefore agnostic to any particular operating system or third-party vendor gateway. Once installed, the FND client is configured within the VPN client’s firewall settings.

The feature works by forcing the network to identify itself to the end user’s device, and then dynamically activating or deactivating the appropriate firewall rules and security mechanisms, depending on whether it’s a known/secure/friendly network or an unknown/insecure/unfriendly network.

If the FND client is successful in its attempt to contact and authenticate the FND server, then it can confirm that the device is operating within a friendly network. The system does all of this automatically – the end user doesn’t have to even lift a finger.

Friendly Net Detection also allows the network administrator to centrally set parameter locks, which provides further security. This prevents users from manipulating or accidentally deactivating the configuration.

Secure Remote Access: Wherever You Go

When coupled with other remote access features like Wi-Fi and seamless roaming, Friendly Net Detection allows users to conduct secure, uninterrupted mobile computing sessions, even over previously unfamiliar networks and when their network connection changes.

For workers who are no longer confined to an office desk from nine to five, is there a remote access feature more valuable?

Open Haus is a monthly series that explores the key features of NCP’s Remote Access VPN.

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