Mobile World Congress: E.ON Achieves Secure Remote Access with Samsung, NCP

Samsung Knox Remote Access

Last month, Samsung hosted one of the largest, most-visited booths at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – and rightfully so. The company chose the world’s largest mobile industry trade show to launch its newest phones, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, to the 93,000 industry influencers in attendance.

Samsung also hosted an Enterprise Mobility Showcase, where guests could “hear [Samsung’s] business strategy with key strategic partners, and meet the industry opinion leaders who are working with them.”

NCP engineering is proud to have been one of those featured partners.

As part of that presentation, Samsung revealed a case study exploring how it developed a secure smartphone – the KNOX – that could be used by officials from E.ON, a German electric utility. NCP’s role involved outfitting the phone with one of its most important elements – secure remote access capabilities.

Because of the sensitive nature of the information passing through those devices, and the fact E.ON supplies critical infrastructure to Germany, Samsung and NCP had to follow stringent requirements laid out by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the German national security agency.

The BSI lists several factors for secure mobile communication, all of which Samsung and NCP had to abide by, including:

  • Secure digital identity certificates issued by a trust center per system/user,
  • All security operations in the device based on this digital identity,
  • Secure two-factor authentication,
  • Encryption of all stored local data,
  • Secure data communication between the mobile device and the related server,
  • Secure boot process,
  • Controlled process for installing additional software (digital signature).

The Samsung KNOX meets these requirements through integrations with etaSuite, which provides end-to-end encrypted speech and data services, and NCP, which provides secure remote access service.

Specifically, KNOX for E.ON is outfitted with secure remote access capabilities based on NCP’s Secure Android Client, allowing it to support mobile container management and VPN client management. Within KNOX, NCP’s Secure Management Client also offers:

  • Part Strong authentication solutions (with certgate solutions),
  • Integrated dynamic personal firewall,
  • Support of IPv6,
  • End-to-end data encryption (IPsec),
  • Always-on functionality,
  • Seamless roaming (automatic connection type detection and connection),
  • Holistic solution with NCP Secure Enterprise Server, Secure Enterprise Management and Secure Android Client for KNOX.

The result of the partnership between Samsung and NCP yielded exactly what was intended – a completely secure smartphone for use by E.ON employees.

To learn more about how Samsung and NCP helped E.ON achieve secure mobile communications, read the case study.

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