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what we're reading, week of 4/20

by VPNHaus | 04/23/2009 | Highlights

From around the blogosphere…
Within the last week, much has happened on the West coast during the RSA conference. Our Simon Ford, Rene Poot and Jochen Gundelfinger all went to RSA and represented NCP. Let’s not waste any time and jump right in to RSA’s highlights.

Network Security Blog
Security Bloggers Meetup 2009

Martin McKeay announces the winners of the Social Security Awards—PaulDotCom- Best Podcast Award; SANS Internet Storm Center- Best Technical Blog Award; TaoSecurity Blog- Best Non-Technical Blog Award; Sunbelt Security- Best Corporate Blog Award; Security Incite- Most Entertaining blog.

Emergent Chaos
Security is about outcomes, not about process
Adam Shostack argues Bruce Schneier’s quote, “Security is a process, not a product,” is only partly right. Adam states, “Security is about outcomes, and our perceptions, beliefs and assurance about those outcomes.” To advance the industry one must focus on the outcomes, and not the processes.

The Tech Herald
Live! RSA Conference 2009
Steve Ragan captures the RSA conference moment by moment with descriptions of keynotes, meetings and photos of the event. (Please note, the link is for the 1st day, go to the security tab for the list)