VPN vs. Cloud Computing

A few weeks back, Raju Vegesna, blogger at Cloud Ave, wrote a post titled, Will Cloud Apps kill the VPN Market? Raju argues that the need / usage of VPNs are declining due to the availability of cloud applications, especially with more small and medium businesses adopting such methods. Although there is some appeal with not having a firewall or investing a great deal with security solutions, there are some implications to consider before switching to cloud.

  • Who is going to watch the cloud? When data is submitted to a cloud provider it means it is stored and manipulated in an environment that is shared with other customers. This puts the responsibility on the customer—and not the provider. Security and privacy may be in jeopardy if it’s not carefully looked after. Also, legal consequences with compliance and auditing may result.
  • Are you sure you are up for the challenge? Data, once it is in the cloud needs to be carefully and accurately monitored—this is timely and costly.
  • Do you know where your data is? Once data is stored on the cloud, it is also stored in databases. This is a best practice for cloud providers, but may not be a best practice for the customer. The customer may lose sight and control of the data.

VPN solutions provide a secure means of controlling access to information and managing the risks associated with cloud computing.

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  1. Though VPNs may visualize the more secure concept, we all must remember Cloud services are not provided by untrusted and unknown vendors. Brands like amazon, Google etc. provides such systems for organizational purposes. Brands like these would surely not compromise the security with their reputation in the market. Legal agreements would also safeguards the data while migrating to cloud.



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